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HyperHamlet offers contextualized access to research results that have been generated in very diverse periods, countries and academic communities. Secondary sources include, most importantly:

Two other research fields yield data with less predictability:

References and verbal echoes that have not yet been spotted elsewhere are owed to the private reading of project staff members and contributors worldwide or to samplings and searches in electronic full text databases.

All entries in the databank are classified and searchable for these research fields. Entries that are – to our knowledge – not mentioned in any previously published research are classified as "No Source”.

Possibly relevant publications from these fields that have not yet been consulted are listed as Further Reading. Related titles by project staff are listed in Publications.

Shakespeare studies (including Hamlet editions)
Literary and cultural studies
Annotated editions of texts that (happen to) quote Hamlet
Linguistics (including dictionaries)
Other, including anthologies and websites

Shakespeare studies (including Hamlet editions)

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